Saturday, April 2, 2011

Declaration of War Against Britain and The United States - IIL WW2 Propaganda Leaflet

I took another giant step towards building my WWII propaganda leaflet collection last month when I purchased one of the finest and rare collection of colored Japanese/Indian Independence League (Indian National Army) WWII propaganda leaflets. I guess, I can indeed boast now that I have one of the finest if not the best collection of WWII propaganda leaflets related to India.

While I will take my own sweet time to publish them here on my blog, I decided to make some of these artifacts public with generous help of Sgt. Herbert Friedman. You can browse variety of such leaflets there.

So, naturally today's post is about one of such colorful Indian Independence League leaflet dropped against British Indian Army somewhere in North-East India or in East Asia.

Shown above is one such uncoded leaflet depicting a Sikh soldier of Indian National Army charging in front line while others follow him raising flag of India which had become symbol of Independence movement. It also shows British and United States flag being crushed under feet of charging INA soldier.

The text on front reads:

The Establishment of The Provincial Government of Azad Hind.

Declaration of War Against Britain and The United States

It also has reverse side text printed in Nepali and Hindustani/Hindi using Roman Letters. The text reads in English as:

Provincial Government of Azad Hind has been established

India declares war against Britain and America.

British-Americans are almost dead. They have been crushed by Nippon force.

Kill Them!

British-Americans are sworn enemy of India and human being.


Your freedom and your rights!
Those who will carry this leaflet will be treated as true Indians. They will be treated as friends of India and well wishers of Indian Independence. Their life and wealth will be protected and their words will be honored.

At the bottom there is signature of Subhas Chandra Bose printed.

As usual I have no more information on this leaflet such as where was it dropped exactly or when was it prepared. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated and duly acknowledged.

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Very interesting. Thank you for posting.

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