Sunday, April 17, 2011

War Slogans/Franking - WW2 Envelopes

It's long time since I showed some envelopes carrying variety of war slogans or franking. There exists numerous such interesting official or personal covers. It is really interesting area to collect. I prefer collecting variety of such envelopes preferably official ones or carrying postal marks.

Today we will cover 3 such covers. First one is shown below. This letter has NATIONAL WAR FRONT, BOMBAY printed. It was sent from national war front Bombay branch to Ahmednagar Cantonment branch, addressed to Khan Bahadur D. E. Nagarwalla, CIE.

Khan Bahadur D. E. (Dorab Edaljee) Nagarwalla, CIE. was honorary magistrate and municipal councillor for 35 years and an elected municipal president of Ahmednagar for 19 years. He was a member of Bombay nursing association and of Red Cross Society of Poona. He was also member of the Local War Council during the Great War of 1914 and of Soldiers' Board Committee. He was Vice-Chairman of Ahmednagar District War Fund Committee and of Red Cross Fund, Ahmednagar. He served as a corporal in India Defence Force during the Great War.

Shown above is second in series of today's post. It carries a postmark slogan:
| JOIN |

A.R.P. => Air Raid Protection

The letter was sent to Kishangadh from Jodhpur.

Last in the series is another WW2 envelope which carries red color franking:



It was sent from Calcutta to England via SEA MAIL.

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Prashant said...

Awsome covers .. And nice info on the covers


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