Saturday, February 26, 2011

SEAC Christmas Airgraph - WW2 India

This is my first posting for 2011. I had a very busy 2 months official trip to US and hence I couldn't post new items. I hope my readers have not run away from my blog thinking it is dead. Even, next couple of weeks/months will be tough because of work load still I will try to post as many items as possible.

During my US stay, I happen to purchase couple of Airgraphs, BMALC and Airgraph forms thus this post will be dedicated to Airgraph :-)

Shown below is what is known as a standard SEAC pictorial Airgraph with soldiers in five different uniforms. The Airgraph was issued for soldiers to wish for Christmas and New Year Greetings.

Above airgraph is a used sample sent by Mr. Rayner S. posted with Field Regiment part of SEAC to Mr. Watson in Yorkshire, England on 14-11-1944. This Airgraph is sometimes treated as for 1944 or 1945.

Shown above is original form which soldiers used to fill up and post to local post office before it was made as Airgraph for shipping at Bombay G.P.O.

Even though the Airgraph shown above is known to be very common one, getting hands on original form of any Airgraph is very difficult now days. They are a bit rare. Luck was definitely on my side when a seller offered me two of such forms at reasonable price. Thanks to the genuine seller for keeping philately alive!
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