Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Patna Trip

Well! I am back in Bangalore. Before I show today's item, I would like to share my experience of Patna (my home town) trip. It was definitely different from earlier trips. They (media/newspaper) have been saying that Bihar (Patna is capital of Bihar) which was once one of the most backward state in India is suddenly growing like anything. You can find newsprint and media going ga ga over Nitish Kumar's (current Chief Minister of Bihar) rule in Bihar.

I can only say I have seen the changes he is bringing to Bihar. My home town trip was after 3 yrs. It is a long period indeed. Though, the chaos is same in Patna as usual but atmosphere is different. Infrastructure is being developed with flyovers and good quality roads with markings. Law and order situation has improved many folds. Even electricity situation has improved (though the other day I saw a debate on idiot box that outside Patna there is no electricity).

Whatever be the case, I saw the change that I was waiting to see since last decade. In fact, I had lost hope of Bihar coming out of shatters that it was pushed to by previous government under Lalu Prasad Yadav. It was pleasant surprise and a great relief seeing changes in Bihar. Despite a devastating flood this year, Bihar has clocked more than 11% of growth - a record and now standing after Gujarat state only. It is indeed an achievement given that progressive states like Maharashtra and Karnataka are far behind it.

The other day I also read an article where Nitish Kumar said that his 5 yrs were meant for creating an environment of hope and confidence among potential investors by improving law and order, infrastructure and other basic needs of society and next 5 yrs will see the investment by confident investors. He added that it doesn't matter whether he is elected again in assembly election scheduled later this year or not. Bihar will see investment because of last 5 yrs work. I have full confidence that people of Bihar will see the difference he has brought in to the society, government functioning and provide him another opportunity to serve and realise his dream of prosperous Bihar for everyone.

Now lets talk things outside political environment. Weather was cold and slightly chilly as expected. Average temperature was 10 degree Celsius. During most of my stay, it was cloudy weather thus I was saved from chilling winds. Still, it was damn cold and I enjoyed every bit of it. While I used to be in quilt and sweater on bed till late morning, my father used to go out for fetching milk and other items. Ideally, I should have helped him in such weather during my short stay but I was shameless (perhaps first time) . Even my mom used to tell me to take more rest :D

When it comes to indulging then only thing that comes to mind is food. And I had feast everyday. My mom who generally complains of my food habits and reminds me of strict diet and exercise when she is in Bangalore with me was just doing the opposite. She was compensating me for my 3 years loss :P She used to ask daily if my stomach was strong enough to take oily, fatty and rich food and boy, did I ever say no! I stayed almost 6 days in Patna but she kept on complaining my trip was so short etc. Moms will always be the same!

The only thing that I regret is I forgot to carry my camera thus I couldn't get you photos of changing Patna. But, I did visit couple of places in old and new Patna to see the changes. And to everyone's surprise it is happening!!!
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