Sunday, July 22, 2012

For India's Defence Services - WW2 Label

Today's post is on three different WW2 victory label issued during 1939-45. They were issued in denomination of 1 anna. All the labels had text "For India's Defence Services" in English. They were issued in Red, Green and Blue color.

Shown above is red color mint label (block of 4) which has small V in blue color on top of Indian map. The label also had text in Hindi. The back side of label has a blue colored seal with text in Hindi translated as "Central India War Fund", Thanks!

The one shown above is used example of red label where they were commonly used in judicial papers along with revenue stamps. This one is used with Maihar state stamp. The back side of paper also has small V seal/postmark in blue color.

The Green colored variety is almost same as Red colored one. The only difference being it has text in Urdu than in Hindi. It doesn't have any V sign on Indian map.

The last one in this series is blue colored label with red colored V symbol on it. The one I have is an used example with Dhar state revenue stamp on judicial paper.
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