Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jaora WW2 Cash Coupon - India

I happen to be slightly busy last week thus couldn't post any more updates. Even this Saturday was tight. So, lets see if I can post today and tomorrow something to make up. Today's post is about another princely state's cash coupon issued during WWII period.

Jaora was a 13 gun salute princely state in Malwa region. The state was founded by Abdul Ghafur Muhammad Khan, a Muslim of Afghan descent. He was a cavalry officer serving the Pindari leader Amir Khan. He later served the Holkar Maharaja of Indore, subduing Rajput territories in northern Malwa and annexing their lands. In return for his services, he was granted the title of Nawab in 1808. The state was confirmed by the British government in 1818 by the Treaty of Mandsaur.

The total area of the princely state, with the dependencies of Piploda and Panth-Piploda, was 1471 km² (568 square miles). Located between Ratlam and Neemuch, Jaora state was divided into four tehsils, Jaora, Barauda, Tal, and Barkhera.

Nawab Muhammad Ismail (ruled 1865-1895) was an honorary major in the British Army. During the reign of Nawab Muhammad Iftikhar Ali Khan (ruled 1895-1947) Piploda became a separate state in 1924, and Panth-Piploda became a province of British India in 1942. Nawab Muhammad Usman 'Ali Khan (ruled 1947-1948) acceded to the Government of India on June 15 1948.

Shown above are three cash coupons issued by Jaora state during WW2. The cash coupons carry the portrait of Nawab Lt. Col. Sir Muhammad Iftikhar Ali Khan. They were issued in the denomination of 1/2 anna, 1 anna and 2 annas. They have been listed in "Indian Paper Money Catalogue" by Kishore Jhunjhunwalla. The cash coupons are found in 2 different sizes: one with rectagular corner and other as curve corner (as shown above).

Currently, Jaora is a city and a municipality in Ratlam district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is surrounded by beautiful landscape offering great scenery. It is also world famous for Hussain Tekri, which attracts millions of people every year, among all religions.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

British India Propaganda Leaflet Against Japanese Forces

Before I talk about today's post, I just wanted to share the gloomy cloudy weather of Bangalore. Well, Bangalore's weather used to be always like that through out year couple of years ago. Even now, it's still great. Though, I say the cloudy weather as gloomy but the reason is darkness of clouds not otherwise. I just love rainy, cloudy and windy weather :-)

Though, most of the people will disagree with me because it forces them to stay indoor. I agree that point but at the same time I just love the mystic rainy weather. The above photograph is taken from my apartment roof top. It shows still some what green line of Bangalore :-) over shadowed by mighty clouds!

So before the clouds start raining let's begin our topic :D Today's post is about a British India (Allied Forces) propaganda leaflet used against Japanese Indian forces (read INA) during world war two (WWII). It's code named 2 M. P. S./H.3 (2nd Mobile Printing Shop written in Hindustani). This is third leaflet of this type.

As usual it is written in Urdu on one side while Hindustani (written using English alphabets) on other. The English translation is:

To the Soldiers and Officers of 1/2, 2/2 and 3/2 Infantry Regiment

All the officers and soldiers of 1/2 regiment know me very well because I was their commander until July 1944. Besides that even other compatriots of other regiments also know me because I was 2nd in command of my regiment. I know very well that most of you would like to return to India. Allow me to help you achieving that.

I also know why haven't you returned yet. There is only one reason for that, you fear Japanese officers. Why do you get scared of Japanese? When I along with four of my other officers escaped from 2 Div HQ so easily then it should be an easy job for you because you are serving in front line.

We (myself and my officers) have been treated very well here. There has not been any restriction on us or anyone guarding us. I am also aware of the fact that the same treatment is given to every Indian soldiers. Everyone here knows under which circumstances you have decided to come along with cruel and notorious Japanese. Then, why do you care or fear?

Just come our side (surrender) and you will be back to India in couple of days.

March from PoPA to Shamal and you will find our patrol there to help you out.

GIII Ind Officer 2nd Div.
Mohd. Sarwar Maj.


Basically, this leaflet is also written on the same pattern where a surrendered Indian officer from Japanese regiment is appealing his fellow countrymen of Japanese forces to cross over and join British troops.

PoPA mentioned in leaflet is famous Mount PoPA in Burma. But, I couldn't figure out this place called "Shamal". It will be great if some expert can enlighten me on that place so that I can locate the path between PoPA and Shamal on Google Earth.

Hope you would have enjoyed the leaflet amid cloudy weather of Bangalore and rainy forests of Burma :-)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Military Achievement in Burma - Book by SEAC

I happened to visit the Bangalore Book Fair 2009 today. I planned to go early to avoid usual weekend rush and was happy to see most of book stalls empty. That allowed me to browse through most of book stalls at leisure searching for any WWII related original books etc. Unfortunately, there were none. Most of such stalls had at the most old literary books all fictions but no reality.

Anyway, then I decided to look for my favourite Indian author R. K. Narayan's books. I could find in Blossom book stall. Blossom is one of Bangalore's famous book store known for quality books and good price. I bought complete collection of R. K. Nararyan's books. They are reasonably priced but since I bought almost 15 books of his it cost me a lot! Anyway, I have become fan of his way of writing after reading "The Sampath" and "The English Teacher". It also gives nostalgic feeling of life in 1930-50s.

I know I went off the topic but just wanted to share the Indian genius work. Now, let's concentrate on actual content of today's post. It's a 24 page book titled "BURMA - A Miracle In Military Achievement". The book was published by Frank Owen for the Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia and printed by "The Statesman Press, Calcutta".

As you know that Frank Owen was editor of SEAC (South East Asia Command) newspaper which used to be published from Calcutta. Thus, the book carries SEAC name with price of 8 Annas on front page.

This book can be treated as one of the official account of Burma Campaign by allied forces as it was published by SEAC. In just 24 page, the book attempts to cover from the start of war in Burma to Wingate and Slim's offensive campaign and the gruelling gorilla warfare in misty, dense and infected rain forests of Burma on such a difficult terrain. It shows determination of allied forces and the impossible achievement in terms of building Burma road. The book also has plenty of photographs and maps which makes it an interesting read.

You can read complete book here: BURMA. I have scanned all the pages of book and uploaded them at my picasa page.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monthly Selection for November

Starting this month I decided to post pictures of items that I plan to cover following month. This will give an idea to all of my readers what's coming this month :-)

Just thought of making some changes in blog. Hope you will like it. Here is list of items which I will be covering November month hopefully. If I slip then the same item will be covered in next month.

Jaora Cash Coupon

Indian Information Publication by British Government

Hamara Hindustan Newspaper Leaflet by SEAC

Junagadh War Magazine

Japanese Propaganda Leaflet

Military Achievement in Burma - Book by SEAC

Mysore War Fund Stamps/Labels (WWI)
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