Friday, November 13, 2009

Military Achievement in Burma - Book by SEAC

I happened to visit the Bangalore Book Fair 2009 today. I planned to go early to avoid usual weekend rush and was happy to see most of book stalls empty. That allowed me to browse through most of book stalls at leisure searching for any WWII related original books etc. Unfortunately, there were none. Most of such stalls had at the most old literary books all fictions but no reality.

Anyway, then I decided to look for my favourite Indian author R. K. Narayan's books. I could find in Blossom book stall. Blossom is one of Bangalore's famous book store known for quality books and good price. I bought complete collection of R. K. Nararyan's books. They are reasonably priced but since I bought almost 15 books of his it cost me a lot! Anyway, I have become fan of his way of writing after reading "The Sampath" and "The English Teacher". It also gives nostalgic feeling of life in 1930-50s.

I know I went off the topic but just wanted to share the Indian genius work. Now, let's concentrate on actual content of today's post. It's a 24 page book titled "BURMA - A Miracle In Military Achievement". The book was published by Frank Owen for the Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia and printed by "The Statesman Press, Calcutta".

As you know that Frank Owen was editor of SEAC (South East Asia Command) newspaper which used to be published from Calcutta. Thus, the book carries SEAC name with price of 8 Annas on front page.

This book can be treated as one of the official account of Burma Campaign by allied forces as it was published by SEAC. In just 24 page, the book attempts to cover from the start of war in Burma to Wingate and Slim's offensive campaign and the gruelling gorilla warfare in misty, dense and infected rain forests of Burma on such a difficult terrain. It shows determination of allied forces and the impossible achievement in terms of building Burma road. The book also has plenty of photographs and maps which makes it an interesting read.

You can read complete book here: BURMA. I have scanned all the pages of book and uploaded them at my picasa page.

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