Sunday, March 4, 2012

WW2 Kapurthala State War Purpose Fund Raffle

It's indeed a long time since I have posted an article on blog. Past couple of months have been extremely busy for me relocating from India to USA on official assignment. Now that I am settling down and able to balance between personal and professional life, I hope to be regular.

I saw that I hadn't posted any war fund tickets/raffles in past couple of posts so I would like to start with a war fund ticket. Actually, I had run out of my collection of such tickets and was waiting for some items to appear. Finally, I am able to find some more of such tickets recently so I hope to continue this thread.

This particular ticket seems to another of such series.

Above photo is one of the war fund lottery ticket issued in the aid of "His Excellency The Viceroy's War Purpose Fund" by princely state of Kapurthala during WWII. The war fund ticket is named after then ruler: Maharaja of Kaurthala Jagatjit Singh Bahadur.

Kapurthala was 13 gun salute princely state in British Empire. In 1930, Kapurthala became part of the Punjab States Agency and acceded to Union of India in 1947.

The event organised to raise fund was for Rajpipla Cup, a polo tournament held in Bombay on 22nd Feb, 1941.
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