Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anti-Nazi Propaganda Postcard - U.K. (India) WW2

Today's post is in continuation to my earlier Propaganda War Postcard post. This one shown below is also part of same series of such postcards published by UK where they showed how all allies nations (read commonwealth nations) came together and contributed in the war.

This item is showcasing India's might to world. The postcard was published by R.K., initials printed on front side of postcard in lower left corner. Back side mentions the numbering 51-629.

As I mentioned earlier, all such postcards carry 51-xxxx pattern where xxxx seems to be numbering given to each such issue (focussing countries). Also, all of such postcards carry same heading "Em Liberdade - Forcas!" in Portuguesse meaning "In Freedom - Strength!". Portugal was neutral ground for Allies and Axis to do propaganda against each other. United Kingdom issued series of anti-Nazi propaganda postcards distributed by their embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.

The main text is in Portuguese which when translated in English reads:

The India is steadily growing in strength and stature within the British Commonwealth of Nations. The British administration led peace inside its borders and laid the foundations of its future prosperity. Today, India is providing to its strength to safeguard their freedom against Nazi tyranny.

It then shows at bottom steel production in 1914 (during WW1) and in 1939 (during WW2) with heading "Increase in production of steel".

1914 - 63,000 Tons
1939 - 9,77,000 Tons


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