Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ambaliara Cash Coupon - WW2

Today's post is on another princely state cash coupon issued during WWII. Ambaliara (Ambliara or Ambliyara) was an estate or taluk, formerly part of Western India States (Sabar Kantha) Agency and is now part of modern state of Gujarat in India. It currently borders to the south and west on the Kadi (Mehsana) district of Baroda; to the north, on Wadagam and the district of Ahmedabad; and to the east, on Idar, Ramas and Dabha.

I tried digging on it but couldn't make out how many gun salutation state was granted. There is very less information available on this princely state forget about trying to find out state's contribution on WWI and WWII.

Above one is the only cash coupon issued by Ambaliara State/Taluk with denomination of 1 paisa. It has been recorded as number 1.1 in Indian Paper Money Catalogue by Kishore Jhunjhunwalla.

It has text printed in Gujarati. Front side contains a number given to each such coupon/ticket with text "Ambliara State" and denomination 1 Paisa.

On the reverse there is instruction printed as:

"Tickets without our sign will be deemed invalid. Coins will be given from the treasury in exchange of ticket. To be used for circulation within the state limits."

The one I have shown is without Thakor's sign. But Indian Paper Money Catalogue shows cash coupon with Thakor's signature. My guess is that they were either from printers or part of treasury stocks which were not utilized as the condition suggest they were not used. Anyway, if someone has above coupons with Thakor's signature then please let me know. I will be interested in buying at least one of them for my collection.

The state finally acceded to India on 10th June 1948.

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