Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tonk State - War Purposes Fund Label

In last 1 week, my theory was put on test where I have always claimed the worst disease one can get is fever and cold :-) And I always make it to point that I don't take medications. For some reason, I am totally against medication until it becomes question of life and death! Everyone have their so called theories and this is mine. But, I didn't realise that the one I got last week was really a bad one and caused infection in eyes and throat. I followed my theory for 3 days only to be scolded by parents and finally acceded to medicines. Naturally, my theory spoiled whole of my week because of discomfort I was having in eyes, throat and body. I came to realization that fever and cold was indeed worst disease but more than that I should still continue with my theory in a bit refined fashion i.e. if you see things getting worse then immediately consult doctor and take medicines before get scolded :D

Moving on to today's topic, it is about a War Purposes Fund label issued by princely state of Tonk during WW2 period. Princely state of Tonk was formerly part of Southeast Rajputana States Agency which is now part of modern state of Rajasthan in India. This state, situated partly in Rajputana and partly in Central Indian, consisted of six non-contiguous districts.

The state was granted 17 gun salute. It accessed to India on 7th April 1949. Even though, I couldn't find much information on Tonk state contribution on WWI and WWII on internet but based on war fund label items issued by Tonk state one can easily guess that it contributed a lot to British Empire in WWII since not many states had issued such labels except for Princely state of Hyderabad and Dewas Jr & Sr.

Shown above is 2 of such labels issued by Tonk State. It was of denomination of 1 anna and had text written in English and Urdu in red color:


It show a tower on the left (I have yet to determine which historical building it is currently) and war planes on upper right side. In fact, similar design was issued for Hyderabad War Purposes Fund Label so I assume the designer and possibly printer may be same. The difference in Hyderabad label was that it used Charminar on left side and many language illustrations on right side. I really wonder why other princely states didn't follow suite or perhaps followed, but so far I haven't seen any such examples. It would have made a great theme to collect the various designs of such label issued by different princely states where each was showing its historical place/symbol.

Anyway, Tonk state is also supposed to have issued Cash Coupons on same design pattern during WWII. I am providing a sample of such Cash Coupons (I have yet to get my hands on it).

If anyone have any information on Tonk State contribution during WWII or any cash coupons issued then please contact me. I will be more than happy to buy Tonk State Cash Coupons.


Sadiya Rohma Khan said...

Sir....i liked ur blog on Tonk.I have read it and shared the history of this stamp on my blog as well, ofcourse giving the source of info as ur account. i belong to Tonk, so read and spread the info! Thanks.

Sadiya Rohma Khan said...

This historical place is The famous Clock house called as "Ghanta Ghar" of Tonk...Sir.

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