Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cigraette Postcard - WW2 India

Today's post is an interesting philatelic item. It's called Cigarette Postcard. During WW2, people used to donate packets of Cigarette for British Soldiers serving in all the parts of world and in return generally some one from field unit used to send thanking letter back.

Below postcard is one of such example where a postcard was sent to Mrs. Armstrong thanking her for gift. It is an unusual small size postcard though it is natural given paper was an important commodity during war and in the field.

The above postcard has "On Active Service" printed with faces of all three arms of British forces: Army, Navy and Air Force shown on front. It is franked with the date of 13 August 1943 along with another triangular franking of Field Sensor 59 India. This indicates that the packet was received by a serving unit which was part of Indian contingent.

Back side shows the thanking message written by P. R. Eden Major RE where he says "We are all looking for ward to the time when we can eat some Cambridge Sausage in Cambridge".

The postcard also has printed message that the parcel was presented through the Overseas league Tobacco Fund. They encouraged citizen donations of cigars and cigarettes for the boys in the trenches and included one of these postcards in each bundle, so the recipient could send a thanks.

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