Sunday, January 11, 2009

War Purposes Fund - Bikaner State [BAAA]

Today's item is related to interesting football match organised in Bikaner state of India to generate fund during world war II.

During WWII, war purposes fund was created and most of Indian princely states had contributed to the fund to assist British in war. Bikaner issued "coupons of war purposes fund" to raise donation fund as shown below.

There are two varities of coupons: one with revenue minister "Prem Singh" signature on it issued under "Government of Bikaner" while other with president of national war front committee starting with "K*********" issued under "Bikaner State".

If anyone can read or knows who was the president of National War Front Committee that time then please let me know.

Both the coupons were for the football match organised between Dungar College vs Dungar Lancers (which was one of the Bikaner state force which included His Highness' Bodyguard) on 16th October 1942. The coupons carry the date 16.10.42 on back.

I purchased this item from one of Indian dealer.

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