Sunday, January 11, 2009

War Contribution Stamps - Dewas JB (Junior) [BBCF]

Today's item is about war contribution revenue stamps issued by one of Indian princely states: Dewas Junior. Dewas Junior, formerly central India agency (Malwa region) is now part of Madhya Pradesh state.

Dewas Junior state had established links with British in 1818 and since then they were supporting British in every cause. During 1940-45, Dewas Junior also shown as Dewas J.B. on stamps, issued series of "War Contribution" stamps. Following is one of such example:

I obtained this set from one of Indian dealer. The above stamps were called "Type 40". Exact date of issue is not known. These stamps are called of variety (C) where "Dewas State JB" was written at left in English while values in Hindi at right in red color. There are many varieties/shades known to be existing. Approx size of such stamps is 55x33 mm with perforation 10. They were issued on wove paper.

The above set which I have is affixed on a register page, used for a state guesthouse expenses. The receipt date states August 1943 with lots of entries [names] on it with their expenses. Some of entries bear thumb impression as well.


Gopinath Gosavi said...

One of the best blog i have seen on net. The blog shows one of the best side of Indian history. i appreciate your work. only the person who is hardworking can write such blog.i apreciate your work.

Spinner said...

Thanks for your comment. I don't think I deserve though. There are lots of people in India and abroad who knows more about Indian history than us.

I am just an amateur in this area trying to publish part of my collection for fellow collectors. I find it very difficult to get information about these on internet thus decided to put whatever I get to learn on net so others have not same problem that I face :)

Anonymous said...

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Sorry for offtopic

Hmmm!!! Let's see..... said...

Thanks a lot for encouragement. I am slow to blogging but I will try to share as much items I have on Indian (including British and American troops on Indian soil) involvement in WWI and WWII through the blog.

Hope you all will continue to like it. Also feel free to provide suggestions, share information or critical comments.

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