Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hindustan Ki Afwaz Ke liye - Victory Label

Today happens to be Makar Sankranti, an important Indian harvesting festival. Definitely, I was in holiday mood that's why you see the blog getting updated so late in night :-)

This will be a short one not because I have no time but again I couldn't find any relevant information to share.

It is about a WWII label issued by British India which was used on various papers. Like the one I have shown below:

The label has text written in Hindi which reads [though words used are from Urdu]:

"Hindustan ki afwaz ke liye" translated in English as "For Defense of India"

The label also has 'V' symbol on it.

Two of the labels shown above have been used on one of Sitamau court paper dated 14th February 1945. Since, the label also carries face value of 2 anna, the usage on court paper as stamp duty justifies.

Sitamau was a princely state in current Madhya Pradesh state of India. Currently, it is one of major town in Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh.

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