Monday, January 19, 2009

Hissar Aeroplane War Fund 1941

Today's item is again about a war fund coupon :-) released by Hissar district of India. As, I stated in earlier blogs that most of Indian princely states and lots of private institutions floated war fund committees and organised either some kind of lottery or some sports to encourage mass participation.

This is just one of another example of how Indian public generously contributed to the great cause of Humanity.

Hissar was a district in British India bordering Punjab. In modern India, Hissar is a important town and district in Haryana state of India (of course neighbouring Punjab state).

Above coupons were issued in the name of Hissar District Aeroplane War Fund. Each such booklet contained 10 coupons of 1 rupee each. The coupon was issued in red and blue color combination which I feel quiet different from other war fund coupons which are generally printed with white/black combination. Like the one shown above, I have one such booklet of series 18301 to 18310.

Another interesting part of these coupons are some thing printed on back of each such coupon. I have yet to get it decoded but it appears in first glance that the script is Urdu due to closeness of district to now Pakistan. The area had sizeable amount of population from Muslim commuity.

I am not sure if the printing on back side of coupon was done in all booklets or it is just a few of them which has such prints ;) Ok, I know I am trying to make my booklet quiet a rare :D

Anyway, in general people say these booklets are now scarce so even if you ignore my desparate attempt to make my coupon rarest of rare, these are still gems from history.

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