Saturday, January 10, 2009

Indian Nation (Japanese Propaganda Leaflet) [GAAA]

This is first from my leaflet collection. I acquired this from one of known expert in war propaganda. We got to know each other through Psywar society of USA. The leaflet was created by Axis [Japanese] forces against potential Indian people/soldiers who might enroll to fight under British command.

The leaflet has text in Hindi and Bengali. The usage of Bengali and General Chiang-Kai-Shek indicates that it seems to be targeted for India-Burma front.

At the left is a peaceful Indian standing in a fertile countryside with outstretched arms. General Chiang Kai-shek and President Franklin D. Roosevelt stand at the right in flames with broken cannon and bent sword, their arms also outstretched, but their hands drip blood. The Japanese apparently think that Roosevelt is about to be thrown out of office because he holds a paper that reads, “Proposal for Resignation.” The text in Hindi and Bengali is:

"Indian Nation! Do not get bogged down in the mud of war."

The flames at the bottom are labeled:

"Privations of war."

I have taken translated text from Axis Propaganda Against Indian Troops website. Though, I myself can read Hindi :-)

An interesting piece of information I learnt recently that president Franklin Delano Roosevelt was either known as FDR just like president Kennedy was called as JFK or he was called/shown in stamps as Franklin Roosevelt but never like Franklin D. Roosevelt or Delano Roosevelt.


ARJUN MS said...

i do have the hobby of collecting stamps but my collection is not at all a collection!
a few years back i was very much interested in collecting,nowadays i just keep the stamps coming my way.
(please visit and comment)

Brett said...

This one is very interesting. I enjoy seeing how the US was portrayed in the propaganda.

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