Saturday, October 24, 2009

WW2 Cash Coupon - Sayla State

The week was very hectic for me as I spent 3.5 days traveling out of 5 days - a sudden personal trip to Delhi happened. There were personal gains too out of the trip but I lost opportunity to bid on some items on eBay as well ;-) but they are materialistic loss. I can get them later anyway. Family and life always comes first. It's just that I have become too much addicted to eBay. It's time to get married :D so that I will have a better company to spend my quality time with!

I will try to refrain myself from typing "anyway" and "I think" as much as possible as I read it recently that they figure in top 10 most annoying words/sentences all over the world. Did you mean it! errr... anyway (one last time :-) !@#$%## Let's start today's topic.

Today's topic is based on cash coupons issued by Sayla state. As discussed in last post of cash coupons that there was need during WW2 for princely states of India to issue cash coupons to compensate shortage of precious metals used for coins. Just like others Sayla state also issued cash coupons.

Just to give a brief introduction about Sayla state, it was more of a Royal province, formerly in Western India States Agency (Kathiawar), which merged into Saurashtra; now in Gujarat state of Modern India.

Sayla was a 575 km² princely state ruled by the Jhala Rajputs, a clan that came to Saurashtra from Sindh and established their reign at Patdi in the 12th century. After the Islamic invasions, the Jhalas moved their capital to Halwad and made it their capital. Over the centuries, the Jhalas established Dhrangadhra near Halwad, Wankaner, Limbdi, Wadhwan, Sayla, Chuda and other princely states. Sayla accessed to India on 15th February 1948.

Show above are three known cash coupons issued by Sayla state numbered D, E and F. All three of them were of denomination of 1 Paisa. They have been mentioned in "Indian Paper Money Catalogue" by Kishore Jhunjhunwala.

These coupons are more like old railway platform tickets which Indian railway replaced by small paper tickets. The coupons give nostalgic feeling of those platform tickets which used to be made of thick cardboard paper. Even the printing of these coupons are similar to what most Indians are used to seeing it on railway platform tickets which are also part of history now!

Perhaps just like these cash coupons, those old Indian Railway Journey/Platform Tickets will also become a collectors paradise soon.

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