Sunday, October 25, 2009

Victory Amusement Park Ticket - WW2 India

Today's post will be a very short one as I failed to gather any information on it. See if any of you can come up with some information. It is about ticket issued for "Victory Amusement Park" in India after allied victory over axis powers.

I am not sure if the ticket issued was part of Victory Week celebration which happened in April 1946 in Delhi or it was for some separate event in 1945/46. I not only tried as usual searching on internet but browsing some magazines/books I have which talk about Victory week celebration in Delhi. But there was no mention of Victory Amusement Park at all.

I even don't know whether these were entry tickets or related to some performance etc. The ticket carries crown and Union Jack. It also mentions "SKILL PRICE" on it with different denomination such as 1, 2, 4, and 8 annas.

I have a set of 19 different (colorful) such tickets. I was told that this is one of biggest such set available in market. Most of the time people get couple of such tickets but not more than ten. Looking into these tickets, I wonder how many such colorful tickets would have been issued. Like I have some 12 tickets of 4 annas denomination, 5 tickets of 2 annas denomination and 1 each for 1 anna and 8 annas. At least, similar colorful shades must be available in all denomination which makes it really difficult for any collector to have a complete set.

But basically, what I am really interested is knowing history behind them. What was the purpose behind these tickets and when were they issued along with what "SKILL PRICE" means. Please share any information you have on these.

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