Saturday, October 17, 2009

War Advertisement India

Today's article is one of different type. It's an advertisement published during war days. This is unlike advertisements printed in newspaper or magazines but rather a pamphlet/leaflet. I love collecting such original leaflets/pamphlets. While, one can easily see and get War posters, advertisement of US, UK or other allied countries. I have found it extremely difficult to get an Indian one.

None of the websites or dealers (with whom I have interacted) claim to have one to offer. Though, I have seen war advertisements in princely states gazettes or Indian Information periodicals and they also serve as more original than private advertisements printed in private magazines. But, there is nothing comparable to original pamphlet/leaflet.

The above advertisement was printed by the Eagle Lithographing Co., Ltd, Calcutta, and published by Provincial & State Committees for War Savings. The advertisement talks about importance of savings and how can one contribute by doing so. It definitely has immediate visual impact because it shows how each saving however small it is helps India defend its people and territory in war.

The text on advertisement reads:


Here are a few war weapons - from Bullet to Battleship - with the approximate cost of each of them.

So when you have contributed Rs. 100 - possibly by buying DEFENCE SAVINGS CERTIFICATES - you have provided the cost of a Rifle, or two Pistols or a hundredth part of a Barrage Balloon.

Money for the war, whether by the purchase of DEFENCE SAVINGS CERTIFICATES or otherwise, means help to India's Fighting Troops. The money will pay for the Bullets they shoot from Pistol, Rifle and Machine Gun; or the Barrage Balloon and Anti-Aircraft Gun that may protect them. It helps to provide the Aeroplanes that Indian Pilots fly; and the Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships that are protecting India, its Troops and its Trade.

YOU can also SERVE by SAVING.


If any of my readers have such original Indian war advertisements or posters in terms of pamphlets/leaflets and willing to sell then please contact me. I am more that willing to buy those.

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