Sunday, October 4, 2009

Envelopes with printed war slogans

Today's item is double bonanza :D I am showing four different envelops which not only have war related slogans printed on it but some of them also carry postmark in different shape with slogans on it.

The first envelope is shown below, posted to A.R.P. (Air Raid Protection) Controller in Bombay. The envelope was posted on 7th May 1943. It carries printed slogan of "Make India Strong - Buy Defence Saving Certificates" at bottom left corner. On right hand side top it also carries cancellation slogan in waves format "Buy Post Office Cash Certificates".

As we all know during war days British Government had number of saving schemes running to allow public to put their savings which was utilised by Govt. for war and relief funds.

Here is second such envelope with same printed slogan. Shown below is an envelope with rather crude printing but carrying the same slogan of "Make India Strong - Buy Defence Saving Certificates" in different pattern. The envelope was posted on Dec 1942. Even though it is crude printing but I hope you will like it.

The third in series carry a slightly different printed slogan but it is loosely based on similar pattern. Shown below is an envelope posted on 21st Feb 1945 from Warli, Bombay. It carries a printed slogan of "Save For Safety With ... Defence Saving Certificates". In fact this letter is VPP not an ordinary letter. Though, that doesn't matter. I like the slogan and its design. Again it is different from all of above.

Now, last one in this series is again with very crude printing. This is a telegram posted on 9th Feb 1944 from Gujarat. The cancellation is on back side of the cover. Also it appears from front that right hand side is diagonally cut which is not the case :-) The telegram is wrapped diagonally (it's strange) and intact from reverse side. Anyway, as you can see the letters are barely visible. It has a printed slogan of "Safety - Buy Defence Saving Certificates". Not sure if the slogan was printed incomplete or this was intended slogan :D This is another strange but interesting variety.

I really love to collect such envelopes which carry printed war slogans and if possible with some war slogan cancellation postmarks. I hope, there will be more varieties of such envelopes issued in India. I will be glad if someone has spare to offer.

I still have some more covers with or without printed slogans in my collection. There are some with only war slogans cancellation postmark. I will show remaining in future post to keep up excitment among my readers ;-) Hope you will continue to come to my blog.

I am not really sure if I will be updating blog coming weekend as there are some family gatherings planned at my home. I most likely be busy. But if I could get some relaxing time then you will get posts!

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