Sunday, April 8, 2012

Support to Blind People - WW2 Pamphlet (India)

Today's post is on one of the advertisement pamphlet issued by Government of India during WW2 to assist blind soldiers. I don't have much historical background on it i.e. in which year it was issued or was it really a government agency publication/distribution or some private party. My guess is it was indeed some governmental organization publishing but the pamphlet doesn't give any concrete proof.

Since the text of the pamphlet is in Hindi hence I have translated them in English for consumption of my readers.

Support to Blind people

Government of India has accepted the proposal to educate Blind soldiers in Lahore's Blind School and Bombay's Victoria Memorial School.

The blind soldiers will be able to learn variety of useful craftsmanship in these schools. They will be able to develop skills which will help them spend their time working. If they wish then they can earn extra money besides their pension.

Relevant skills and quality will be:

Education Related
Read, write and be able to do calculations using specially designed books.

Craftsmanship Related
Making wooden basket, weaving clothes and placing bent tree sticks to form chairs.

These schools will teach education and craftsmanship related skills. Blind soldiers will be given following perks while they get trained in these schools:
a) Free Food and Shelter
b) 6 Rupees monthly allowance besides their pension or any income they would have earned through their skills.
c) Blind soldier and if needed his assistance will be paid for return rail transportation charges from his house or barrack where he is under treatment to school.

The duration of training will be around 9 months.

Whoever (blind soldier) would like to get admission in these schools shall place his request to his district collector.

Delhi Printing Works, Delhi

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