Sunday, April 1, 2012

Patriotic Labels of British India aganist Japan in WWII - Part 2

This is in continuation of my previous post where I showed patriotic & propaganda labels of British India against Japan during WW2. The labels I shared in earlier post were not documented in "Patriotic & Propaganda of the British Commonwealth Catalogue -By Clive Edwards".

But the one shown below is :-) I happen to find one such usage of label that too on postal cover!

This one is documented in catalogue as 1/497. It has Japanese flag with dagger in centre in red and black color with purple background. The label is of size 22x38 mm with perforation of 13.5 and no face values as depicted above. The text reads "Anything you say may reach Japan".

The front side of the envelope is also shown above which indicates that the letter was sent from Bombay to Guwahati on 18th Nov 1944.

Below one is another prized letter in my collection where you can see a large scale label on same format as shown above. This one has text "The Japs Put Our 'Idle Talk' to Work". The label also has Japanese flag with dagger in centre in red and black color with yellow background.

I had seen normal labels but didn't know such patriotic economy label was also in existence which is not recorded any where.

If anyone has any such sample or labels for sell then please contact me. I will definitely be interested.

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