Sunday, April 22, 2012

German WW2 Propaganda Leaflet against Indian Soldiers - Free Excursion to London

After a long time here is a German WW2 propaganda leaflet against Indian soldiers as part of Allied forces for my readers to savor! As usual this one is not in very good condition but then you can't expect more from a leaflet. It survived all odds of war for us to enjoy and admire it.

I am directly copying text from Herbert Friedman's article, which states:

This German leaflet (delta.gif (1104 bytes)161/9 44 "Free Excursion to London") depicts three Indian troops looking at three scantily-dressed dancing girls. The propaganda text is very interesting. The Germans claim that after the war the British intend to give any Indians who had been held prisoner, a tour of London. They then suggest that rather than being killed on the battlefield, wouldn't it be better to allow yourself to be taken prisoner so that you can take part in the free tour. 

The text is: 

Tour of London! Free! 

All India Radio Delhi has said in its evening news bulletin of 25 September 1944 that the British government has decided recently that those prisoners of war who would be in Germany would be sent to London after the war. Beautiful girls having magical eyes are waiting even from now itself for those Indians who had jumped into the flames of war for the victory of England but fortunately did not meet the death. After this pleasure trip (of London) they will be sent home. 

But What Will Become of You Who Are Still on Battlefields? 

Be victims of the chilly winds of the Alps 
Be frozen in the freezing cold of Italy 
Face the adversary, platoons and weapons 
And finally, be targets of bullets! 

Go to permanent sleep with the desire to go home! 

If the war is going to end soon as the British propaganda says, then is it justified for you to lose your life in the terminal stage? 

One stone two birds! 
Protect your life!        Tour of London via Germany! 
And then home!

The back depicts the same three Indian soldiers enjoying a cruise on a ship named "London." The text is the same as on the front.

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