Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WW2 India (CBI) Greetings Card

Today's post is on a greeting card sent by a US soldier from India to Erie, Pennsylvania, US. The card was sent on 8th Dec, 1943 wishing the recipient for Christmas and New Year. The card passed through US Censor as the envelope bears marking for that.

Shown below is front side of the greeting card where it depicts an Eagle with large CBI patch with text in Hindi and English around it. It also mentions INDIA on top of Eagle.

The text reads:

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Victorious 1944

The card shows a poem on left side while a ship sailing through high Sea on right side inside of card.

The poem reads:

Though I task beneath a blazing sun,
With sterner duty still to be done,
My thoughts at this festive time will stray,
Back to my dear ones far away,
And I send this wish with its age-old ring,
That Christmas to us all may bring,

Right side text reads:

Greetings and best wishes from over the SEAS

It is hard to say but perhaps the soldier was posted in US Navy in India during WW2.

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