Friday, October 7, 2011

Japanese (IIL/INA) WW2 Propaganda Leaflet Against Allied (British) Forces

It's long time since I shared some colorful leaflet ;-) So here it is. I hope it will catch your attention.

This is one of the Japanese leaflet dropped on British India. Even though it doesn't mention but it was issued with help from IIL (Indian Independence League) or INA (Indian National Army).

The colorful leaflet shows an Indian soldier kicking a British Soldier (holding a Union Jack) out of India.

The leaflet shows Japanese fighter planes chasing and hitting British planes. It also shows British navy ships bombed and getting sunk in Indian ocean. It shows Japanese flag in south east Asia symbolizing Japanese victory in Asia.

Then on left hand side, it shows German fighter planes bombing Great Britain/Europe (burning). The bombing causes Churchill panicking.

At bottom left, it also shows Italian submarines sinking British naval forces in African waters.

There is a text in Hindi and Bangla at top for Indian people:

This is the opportunity. Get up and move forward by initiating fight for independence!

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