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Refund Claim - War Postcard India/Burma

This is one of WW2 India post card but used by Burma by affixing Burma postage stamps and striking out Simla by Rangoon.

Shown above is front side of postcard which has printed text:


with 1 Anna Burma Service stamp affixed. It is addressed to some Mr. Chettiar in Ramnad District of South India. Note the interesting address "South India" rather than mentioning Madras Presidency state in which Ramnad District was located.

It then also mentions dispatcher address as: Finance & Revenue Department, Govt. of Burma, Rangoon. (Postcard has Simla printed which has been stroked out by Rangoon.)

On the reverse side it has mostly text printed:

RANGOON (again SIMLA stroked out)


No. C2482 Dated the 4th Jan 1946.


Subject:- Claim for compensation for loss of property due to the war in Burma.

The claim sent with his letters dated the 3rd August 1945 has been received and registered as No. C2482.

2. The Government of Burma are unable to admit any legal liability in respect to the claim. It has, however been registered for consideration in due course (striking out after the war).

It then has signature of V. Venkateswarao as Secretary of Finance & Revenue Department.

It has to be noted that during WW2 the exiled colonial Burma Government had headquarter in Simla after Japan deceived them. Burmese Government had assisted Japanese Army in winning initial War in Burma as they thought it was way to independent Burma in similar lines to Subhas Chandra Bose who got influenced by Japan during WW2. It is said that though Colonel Suzuki had right intention to let Burma ruled by Burmese but Japan's Government never had such intention.

It is also said that after war was over in Burma (allied won), British Government started punishing most of Tamil Indians who were at that time one of the most influential community in Burma as traders and businessmen. The reason was most of Tamil people had sided with Subhas Chandra Bose and Indian Independence League during WW2. There was very generous donation given by Tamil Indians to INA/IIL. Hence after the war, British Government not only rejected most of compensation claims of Indians but also confiscated INA Bank and donated money of public. There has been many known legal cases where people have fought over decades trying to get their money from British Government of India and now Indian Government. In today's term, that money must have been millions/billions but none has ever got their money back. Above letter is an example of untold history of India during WW2.

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