Saturday, October 9, 2010

Indian Military Air Letter Card (MALC) - WWII

Today's post is another example of Indian Military Air Letter Cards. This particular example is labeled as ICG (Christmas Greetings Issues) 45, Sub-type 4. This was issued by India Command.

Shown above is front side of what is called ICG 45, Sub-Type 4. Coded G.P.C.-3289/2/A/G947_7-7-45 - 3,50,000 as per catalogue "Indian Military Air Letter Cards 1942-47" by late O.R.J. Lee. The one I have is used sample.

This one was printed by "Government Printer Calcutta" or G.P.C with order number 3289/2/A/G947. The order date was 7-7-1945 and 3,50,000 number of forms were ordered.

The front shows an elephant with a howdah and mahout, passing a temple. At the top is Greetings from India. The form number is I.A.F.F 1083 and on the back has the usual THIS LETTER etc. The bracket on the back is thinner than in the M.I.P. items. The frame is larger at 109-1/2 x 83-3/4 mm. This Xmas form also has only one sealing flap.

The interior has a multi-coloured design with a white space at the bottom right for a written message. At the left is a soldier in jungle uniform with an outstretched left arm, under which can be seen the Taj Mahal (in brown and white).

At the top 'Christmas and New Year Greetings' is shown in big font and at the right, an English winter scene (rather blurred) is depicted having a lantern underneath.

This letter was sent by Sergeant Redmond from India to Great Britain from GROUP TWO PRISONER OF WAR CAMP - 9 m/c. BAIGARH/BHOPAL on 29th November, 1945 as per the postmark on it.

Needless to say, I love ICG designs :-) This makes collecting colorful, creative and more interesting.

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