Saturday, October 23, 2010

Indian Information - WW2 Stories from North Africa

Today, I am going to share some of the stories of WW2 from Indian Information magazine. If you remember, I had introduced most of you to Indian Information in my old post.

The publication was fortnightly issued by J. Natarajan, Principal Information Officer, Government of India. It was printed in India by Madan Gopal Mitter at Lal Chand & Sons, 76, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta. The same publication was reprinted with color cover and distributed by British Information Services, Washington, D.C. (USA) to save shipping space and cost.

Today's stories come from Vol. 11, No. 103, October 15, 1942 edition; front cover is shown below:

This edition is full of war news/stories/account and interesting cartoons. It shows a snapshot from a movie of that time "Defenders of India" where Indian Soldiers are shown manning lorries in western desert in Africa.

This is followed by actual account of how Indian soldiers are playing an active role in Africa. I won't type it for you unlike earlier :-) I will let you open the image and read it on our own. It really gives nostalgic feeling while reading WW2 magazine rather than my typed letters!

This is followed by an amazing tale of courage and survival of a Gurkha Soldier who was captured and tortured by Italian/German forces in Battle of Tobruk. He escaped from captivity of enemy and walked 5 weeks to live the tale.

Hope, you will like it. I know, you will say this is another easy post for me :-) I don't have to do any research on items!

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