Saturday, October 23, 2010

British India (Allied) WW2 Propaganda Leaflet - BNS28

Today, I am not in mood to post an item which requires some research :-) So, I have decided to settle on an easy and favorite item: WWII Propaganda Leaflets. But, to ensure that my readers were not deprived of quality of post, I decided to share an interesting pictorial propaganda leaflet.

This is another rare leaflet which was dropped by Allied forces over INA/Japanese forces targeting those Indians who had joined the Germans and Japanese as part of their fight for liberation of India.

The leaflet is coded BNS 28. Since, the code BNS is not recorded anywhere in military archives and since it was just handwritten on the leaflet it may be incorrect.

Shown above is front side of leaflet which depicts Subhas Chandra Bose handing over Mother India in chains to caricatured Japanese Soldier who has dagger with blood on it on one hand while he is eager to hold the chain of Mother India smiling mischievously. The chain is also shown in red color symbolizing blood with statement in English:


For those who are unaware, Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian army officer and politician who was pro-Nazi and appointed Minister President after the German invasion of Norway. He ruled German-occupied Norway from February 1942 to the end of WWII. After the war, he was tried for high treason and executed by firing squad. To be called a Quisling is to be called a traitor and collaborationist.

You will make out why Bose is shown as Quisling Son of India when you see the back side of leaflet shown above. It shows a Gandhi quote:


Harijan, 21 June 1943

Basically, Allied leaflet uses Gandhi's quote which attacks Bose and calls him a “Quisling.”

This was the way war was fought over Indian Soil and all the places where Indian Soldiers were involved. Both, Allied forces and INA/Japanese machinery used Bose and Gandhi in their context to put their view. Interesting thing about this psychological warfare is INA never showed Gandhi in negative manner instead they used Gandhi to back their propaganda in same manner they used Bose! But, Allied forces didn't have that choice so they always depicted Bose as traitor.

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