Sunday, May 23, 2010

War (WW2) Fund Tickets - British India

Today's post is going to be a short one. Obviously, the main reason is I couldn't get any information on these. It is about two WWII war fund raffle/ticket.

First one in the series is issued by Chhatarpur State War Committee. Chhatarpur is now a district in Madhya Pradesh state of Modern India. Before independence, Chhatarpur was 11 gun salute princely state, also known as central India (Bundelkhand) agency.

The ticket says it was issued for "Funds needed to fight in the war". The denomination of ticket was 1 Anna. It also has serial number of 0095 (meaning not more than 9999 of such tickets were printed).

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any details on Chhatarpur State War Committee or involvement of Chhatarpur state during WWII. All I could gather was Chhatarpur state also consisted of Nowgong (Nowgaon), a military cantonment town which was the headquarters of the 'Bundelkhand Agency’ of princely states. Thus, I assume that Chhatarpur state must have actively contributed.

After the independence of India in 1947, the Rajas of Chhatarpur acceded to India, and Chhatarpur, together with the rest of Bundelkhand Agency, became part of the Indian state of Vindhya Pradesh. Vindhya Pradesh was merged into the state of Madhya Pradesh in 1956.

Shown above is another of such war fund ticket issued during WWII. It is called "Hujur Viceroy Bahadur Ka Ladai Fund" in Hindi meaning "Viceroy's War Fund". The ticket is dated November, 1940. It is written in a variant of Hindi and the handwriting makes it more difficult to read. I just couldn't even make out the amount mentioned on ticket. Besides, I have no clue which princely state or part of British India had issued it.

Any information on both of above war fund tickets will be highly appreciated.

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Aranya said...

The one not identified is from Jaipur state

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