Saturday, May 15, 2010

Indian Military Air Letter Card (MALC) - WWII

Today's post is second in series on Indian Military Air Letter Cards (MALC). The air letter shown below is of type "Christmas Greetings Issues", category ICG. Below MALC was issued for Christmas 1944 and postage free.

Shown above is front side of what is called ICG 44, Sub-Type 5. Coded THE CALCUTTA PHOTOTYPE COMPANY as per catalogue "Indian Military Air Letter Cards 1942-47" by late O.R.J. Lee. The one I have is mint sample.

The external layout of the form is similar to the previous sub-types of this category but the block shows two monkeys in a tree and is 51-1/2 x 33-1/2 mm. The background is dotted and there is a white panel saying Greetings from India. The form number I.A.F.F. - 1083 appears on the front side below block.

Down below on the back side appears - THESE CARDS ARE FOR THE USE OF H.M. FORCES ONLY. and there is provision for Sender's details and the language written in.

The interior comprises a full double page modernistic design by artist J. B. Prentice. At the top left is GREETINGS set at an angle and at the bottom, in a panel running the whole width of the design is:-

CHRISTMAS and the New Year

At the right, sticking up out of the panel, is a serviceman giving the V sign. On his left is a bunch of bananas and a bunch of grapes. While on his right, there is a fruit vendor. In background, some historical monuments are shown. The colours are slate blue, dark green, mauve, brown and yellow.

I would love to have a used sample in good condition for my reference. Thus, anyone willing to offer please contact me.

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