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R.I.A.F. Advertisement - British India

Today's post is a post-war advertisement given in "War supplement to the Jodhpur Government Gazette, August 18, 1945" by R.I.A.F. (Royal Indian Air Force). Even though, it was published in War Supplement of Gazette, I still say it is post-war advertisement because of V-J Day on 14th August, 1945.

You know, the exact date of the war's end is not universally agreed upon. It has been suggested that the war ended at the armistice of 14 August 1945 (V-J Day), rather than the formal surrender of Japan (2 September 1945); in some European histories, it ended on V-E Day (8 May 1945). The Treaty of Peace with Japan was not signed until 1951.

Anyway, this is certainly a WWII item given that it was published in War supplement to the Gazette.

This is an advertisement by R.I.A.F. inviting Indian youth to join them. It claims Aviation as new industry for India which is true only. Those times, the Indian Air Force was very small. The advertisement goes like this:

Prepare for the Newest Industry.


The Royal Indian Air Force calls to the Youth of India. The flying fields, training schools and aircraft, all await those with spirit of adventure.

Now is the time for Indian youth to become air-minded, now is the chance to utilise the opportunity for free training for a flying career. The Royal Indian Air Force needs youngmen who are physically fit, courageous and possess the qualities of leadership. Youngmen with these qualities, who are between the ages of 17-1/2 and 28, and who have good general education, knowledge of current affairs and a first class knowledge of written and spoken English must not miss this chance. The future is theirs, the R.I.A.F. will make it.

Selected candidates who are successful in their training, and in other respects suitable, normally get their commission after 30 weeks. Appointment to a commission is in the rank of Acting Pilot Officer on probation. The probationary period is six months. On satisfactory completion of probationary period or on reaching the required standard of proficiency in his duties, whichever is later, an Acting Pilot Officer is promoted to the rank of Pilot Officer.

To every successful Marwari candidate selected for training as a pilot, the State would give a reward of Rs. 1000/- when he receives his Commission as a Pilot Officer after completing his training and six months probation.

For full details apply to:- .. ..

The Honorary Secretary,
Central Recruiting Committee,

It also mentions salary details offered by R.I.A.F. at different ranks. Since, I feel anything related to CTC shall be kept confidential as taught to me in corporate world, I am not publishing that myself even though you can read them in advertisement :-)

Before we close this post, I just want to give you brief history of Indian Air Force or so called Royal Indian Air Force during WWII.

Royal Indian Air Force had its origins in the recommendation of the Skeene Committee in 1926. Six years later the Indian Legislature passed the Indian Air Force Act. The IAF came into being on October 8, 1932, and the first flight was formed in 1933. At that time, there were only six officers - five pilots and one equipment officer apart from 19 Havai Sepoys (air soldiers) and its aircraft inventory comprised four Westland Wapiti biplanes at Drigh Road (now in Pakistan).

The outbreak of second world war resulted in the expansion of IAF. By the end of 1941, the IAF had three squadrons and five coastal defence flights. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour brought the war to India’s doorstep and in December 1942, the IAF was inducted into Burma for the first Burma Campaign. In recognition of the services rendered by the Indian Air Force during the war, the service was bestowed with the prefix "Royal" on 12 March 1945 and was then known as the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF). In 1946 it consisted of 8 fighter and 2 transport squadrons with modern aircraft.

People who are interested in knowing the marvelous achievements of Royal Indian Air Force during WWII, are encouraged to browse following link:

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