Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Grand Raffle Jhalawar - Princely State War Fund Ticket

It's long time since I posted an article on war fund tickets. Actually, I had run out of my stock on War Fund Tickets (shown everything here). I was desperately looking for more varieties when I stumbled upon some of these and naturally bought it ;-)

I am showing one of these here in today's post. It is written completely in Hindi so I will as usual translate for my readers. I have not seen this one appearing in any auction sites/dealer earlier so I assume this one must be difficult to get.

Shown above is "The Grand Raffle Jhalawar (for War in Europe)". This war fund ticket was issued by princely state of Jhalawar. It mentions in Hindi:

Ticket No. 2191
Whatever will be saved from this raffle will be sent to help war in Europe.

The Grand Raffle Jhalawar (For Help in War in Europe)
Brijnagar (Rajputana)
Ticket 8 Anna Each

Date of opening -----------------------------------
Date of closing ------------------------------------
In 5 rupees, you can get booklet of 11 tickets

First Prize 500/- rupees

It them mentions various other prizes.

On the reverse, it mentions rules. (The most important one is translated.)

1. Whatever money will be collected, out of which 3500/- rupees will be set aside for distribution of various prizes and rest of the money will be sent to Europe for help in war.

It mentions then the secretary of "The Grand Raffle Jhalawar State for Help in War in Europe", Captain Sobhagmal Surana, B. A.

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