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Anti-Nazi Propaganda Postcard - U.K. (India) WW2

Today's post is in continuation to my earlier Propaganda War Postcard post. This one shown below is also part of same series of such postcards published by UK where they showed how all allies nations (read commonwealth nations) came together and contributed in the war.

This item is not specifically meant for India but in general covers all the commonwealth nations. Since it depicts an Indian Sikh Soldier as part of contingent hence I decided to cover it here. In fact, the (contingent) photograph shown in this postcard is taken from a very famous WW2 poster which I am still trying to get for my collection.

This postcard was published with J.S., initials printed on front side of postcard in lower left corner. Back side mentions the numbering SI-2093. This seems to be of different series as this is not India specific. The postcard is of approx 4" x 6" sized having caption "Mas que abalo para Hitler!".

As I mentioned earlier, all such postcards were printed in Portugal and distributed in Lisbon by the British Embassy during WW2. Portugal was neutral ground for Allies and Axis to do propaganda against each other. United Kingdom issued series of anti-Nazi propaganda postcards distributed by their embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.

The main text is in Portuguese which when translated in English reads (section wise since the postcard has three section):

Top portion shows a text extract of radio broadcast of 30th September 1939 where Hitler is sarcastically quoted saying -

"It seems that different parts of the British Empire are putting their own independence above their loyalty to England."

Basically, this is to show that Hitler was trying to break the commonwealth strength by giving such statements.

Then middle section shows soldiers of British Commonwealth Countries joining and fighting together under British flag. The poster extract has a message:

"The huge war effort of the Empire and Commonwealth, iron, sea and air, is an epic of united resistance to Nazi aggression."

Finally the bottom section quotes Hitler again from an German article published on 13th December, 1940 where Hitler ruefully acknowledges:

"Germany fully recognizes the energy and power of resistance of Great Britain and Empire loyalty to the Motherland."

This postcard served two purpose:
- discouraging people supporting axis powers that commonwealth nations are strengthening their position in war and they are united as always. Any malicious propaganda can't break the unity.
- conveying message to people living in commonwealth countries not to get misled by German propaganda. They have been proven wrong. Let's continue to fight together until end of war.

Finally, above shows back side of this postcard.


Jeff Berry said...


I am writing a book about cocktails which has a section about WWII. I would like to feature this postcard image in the book. Is it possible to get a hi-res scan of the postcard? I have a limited photo budget and can compensate you for your time and trouble, as well as credit you in the book. Please respond to this comment to let me know either way ... thank you for your consideration!

Best, Jeff Berry

Hmmm!!! Let's see..... said...

I will reply to your email-id. Wait for my email.

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