Thursday, September 30, 2010

WW2 Junagadh State and Dindigul War Raffle

It's long time since I shared some War Fund coupons/raffles. Today, I am showing two of such varieties which I was planning to share for long time.

Shown above is a War Fund related lottery ticket issued by Junagadh state. It is printed in Gujarati whose English translation is:

"The ticket should be held by the person who bought it"
Junagadh State Lucky Bag
War Fund 1940

Aalijaah Daulatmadaar (Richest) Nek(Kind) Naamdaar(Famous) [all of them are salutations] Saheb Bahadur(the king) Manjur Karel(has approved)

Price: 1 Rupee

It then mentions first name and surname of person to whom the ticket was issued. At the right hand corner, it carries printed signature of "Sardar Muhammad Khan", Chief Dewan (kind of Chief Minister of state) of Junagadh state.

This is another of war fund raffle ticket. This is a bit rare as I haven't seen this ticket appearing in any of auctions yet. For example, you can easily find Junagadh one being offered at eBay from time to time.

Anyway, this one is in English and Tamil both so you can make out that it was issued by one of town of Madras Presidency or modern state of Tamilnadu. As the ticket states, it was issued by Dindigul Taluk (District) Ladies Auxiliary War Committee in the aid of the amenities for troops fund.

It was a raffle ticket of 8 Annas for a fancy sale organised for war fund. It mentions in Tamil that the draw date was Sept 1943 and 30 prizes worth 300 rupees could be won. Prizes included Zari/Karachi Sarees and other items.

The ticket was issued to Subramanian Chetty at Manapparai (a place near to Dindigul).

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