Saturday, September 4, 2010

Princely state of Bharatpur Gazette on V-J Day

Today's post is extra ordinary :-) Well, it is an extra ordinary gazette publication by Bharatpur state on V-J Day. You can understand why it is called extra ordinary. It was half page unusual publication by State press, Bharatpur due to the most important event of the 20th century.

Shown below is Bharatpur State Gazette or called as "Bharatpur Raj Patra" in Hindi. It was published on 18th August 1945 just after V-J Day (15th August 1945).

It was published in English. The text reads:

Dated Bharatpur, the 17th August 1945.

No. 20458 In connection with the Victory over Japan and the conclusion of War announced by His Excellency the Viceroy over the radio, 16th and 17th August, 1945, are declared to be public holidays throughout the whole state. Sunday the 19th August, 1945, has been fixed for Thanks-giving in Temples, Mosques and Churches (programme issued separately) 20th and 21st August, 1945, are fixed for Victory Celebrations at Headquarters where these two days will be local half holidays exception for the Session of the Brij Jaya Pratinidhi Samiti. 20th August would be holiday for celebrations for Tehsils also. None of the State employees will be permitted to take leave within this week, i.e., 16th to 21st August, 1945. All are expected to participate in every function of the celebrations.

Dewan, Bharatpur State, Bharatpur

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Prashant said...

Beautiful and rare piece of document.

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