Sunday, April 18, 2010

WWII Slogans on Envelopes - India

Here are some of the other envelopes I have with WWII slogans that I wanted to share. This is 3rd such post in series showing all sorts of slogans postmarked on envelopes by British India during WW2 days.

Shown above is an envelope with slogan "Careless Talks Cost Lives" with "V" sign. The slogan postmark is dated 25th April 1945 and issued in Jaipur City.

Shown above is an envelope with slogan "A.R.P. Protects You" with siren. A.R.P. stands for Air Raids Precaution. The slogan postmark is dated 14th February 1943 and issued in Namakkal.

This is another of same slogan envelope. It is just that it has same slogan postmarked twice. This one is dated 28th November 1943 and issued in Mylapore.

Last one that I want to share is an Indian Bank envelope with slogan "Buy Defence Savings Certificates" in waves format. It is dated 9th March 1941 and issued in Madras.

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