Sunday, April 11, 2010

War Related Advertisements on Jodhpur Govt. Gazette

Sometime back, I had bought a cartoon full of Princely States Gazettes of War related articles. I was initially too much excited thinking about materials that it contained but once I realised the mammoth task I had in hand of scanning and checking them then I lost my interest :D It has been since lying in my bookcase for months.

At one fateful day I dared to scan, could do so for some 50-60 documents, only to fall prey to my laziness. You can obviously guess, that today's post is fruit of that labour ;-) I have published couple of articles on Princely States Gazettes earlier also but they were more of official literature. This post is different from earlier ones as this contains some WWII period advertisements published in Princely States Gazettes. As far as I know, it is a bit uncommon to find private advertisements in official Government Gazettes. Though, I may be wrong here. Still, I found them interesting and hence sharing here.

Shown above is a Jodhpur State Gazette, dated August 23, 1941, containing an advertisement in English. The advertisement is about quality food provided by a general provision store run by its proprietor - Achalraj Lodha. The advertisement shows a Large "V" symbol with text "For Victory" - a very common design for Victory used during those times.

This is another advertisement again from the Jodhpur Government Gazette but dated October 3, 1942. The advertisement is published by Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company in Hindi.

The translation of advertisement text in English is:

We hope that sand bags and brick walls can protect you from air raids.
If they couldn't then we would definitely do so provided you have got your self and your relatives insured with us.

We don't charge any special fees for War risks as of now.

Amount which has been claimed ------- More than 260 Million Rupees
Total amount in current policies ------- More than 855 Million Rupees
Annual Income of 1941 ------- Around 50 Million Rupees
Total amount of last yr policy ------- Around 300 Million Rupees

Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Limited

Established 1874 Headoffice, Bombay

Phone no. 319 Branch Office, Court Road, Ajmer
Inspectorate Office, Court Road, Jodhpur

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