Friday, February 26, 2010

Madras War Fund - Seal of Victory WW2 Label

Today's item is a WW2 patriotic label, issued by British India. I couldn't gather much information on it. Thus, I would appreciate if someone shares any information regarding it. The label often comes for sale on eBay but most of the time there is not much information published against it.

Shown above is a WW2 patriotic label called "Madras War Fund - Seal of Victory". The label has been quoted in "Patriotic & Propaganda of the British Commonwealth" catalogue by Clive Edwards. The red colored label was priced 1 Anna and shows three spitfire aircraft. It has perforation of 13 with size of 55x32.5 mm. The exact date of origination of this label is unknown.

I have another letter where it was used on cover with postal seal on it. The cover mentions date of 14th March 1941. Though, somewhere I read the label was possibly published in 1940.

Sorry to say, but this time my research has not brought any historical background behind this label. I can just think of fact that the label was issued in line with Madras War Fund 1/2 Anna label issued during WW1 (Hospital Ship label). During WW1, Madras War Fund was huge success; continuing the tradition in WW2, perhaps British Government would have issued another label to raise funds.

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Ramanathan said...

I believe this is your second or third post on material related to Madras War Fund.

I could not find further details about this topic but came across these two items in ebay.

First is 1/2 anna label without seal,

Second item is 1 anna label with seal,

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