Sunday, February 14, 2010

Japanese Propaganda Leaflet Against British India

If I see history of visitor's activity on my blog then I find lots of people look for propaganda leaflets. So to increase my TRP rating as they say for T.V. Channels, I have decided to share another propaganda leaflet :D

Though, there has not been any increase in my blogs virtual valuation as shown by Web Valuation since last couple of months, still I have decided to show such items which are sought after by most of my readers. Please, promote my blog by spreading positive rumors and increase my hypothetical value!!!! Too much ;-) for today.

OK, you want to decide after seeing the item then here it is. This is one of usual bright and full-colored Japanese leaflet with minimal text.

It depicts while Indian (part of British Army) soldiers are fighting in front, a caricature of Churchill (referring to Britain) is taking away the wealth of India in background. It also shows a woman weeping for wounded and possibly dying soldier husband. Also to be noted the fact that all the Indian soldiers are shown as chained in foot (bondage signaling deprived of freedom by Britain).

The leaflet reads:

Don't waste your life for Englishmen!

The Japanese leaflet is bilingual, Hindi and Bengali, the language that dominates eastern India and the present Bangladesh. Since the allied and axis forces were fighting in North-Eastern region of India after Japanese forces entered from Burma, all of Japanese leaflets carried text in both the languages.

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