Monday, February 9, 2009

War Slogans

It's long time since I updated the blog. Life has been busy for a while. I was planning to update the blog with today's item for long but it just didn't happen.

Nevertheless, here we are. Today's item is 1st part of such series. It is about war related slogans printed on envelopes, covers, postcards or on any kind of postal stationery during world war II.

I know there are so many varieties of postal stationery in existence and most of them are unrecorded. That's what makes it hard to collect them. To start with, I will show some of items that I posses. In coming weeks, I will show other interesting items which I don't have and am looking for :-)

During war, as a propaganda or message, every country used to put slogans on postal items so when they reach the destination, they carry message from the fighting nations. Basically idea was to urge people how to assist their country even without directly fighting the war. There were so many ways people could contribute to save lives and help them in war.

One of the most popular slogan that is easily available in postal items is "Careless talks cost lives, with victory symbol on it".

An example of such is shown above, printed in 17th May 1946 on KGV postcard of 9pies.

Another example of same type but with multiple cancellation is shown above. The above prints are on printed matter letter [Bookpost] with advt. from Rajasthan Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Ajmer. Above item has 4 such prints and of different dates. At least I could read 2 of them: 3o Oct 1943 and 1st Nov 1943.

Another type of slogan is shown below:

Another popular slogan was "Buy defence saving certificates". Above print is done on 10th Nov 1940 dated cover from Lahore. Another example of same type is below on 29 Oct 1941 in KGVI 9p post card from stamp dealer Ram Gopal & Co. Alwar to Quilon.

Perhaps for some people this post may appear dull :-) but don't worry next post will carry some interesting envelopes on same theme...


Pablo said...

What do you mean? Dull?
This post is great.
i'm interested in WWII items, so keep on showing them to us!!


Hmmm!!! Let's see..... said...

Thanks for your comments. Sorry for that text, I take my word back. I just thought if these envelopes are very common items that's what I meant them as dull.

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