Saturday, February 14, 2009

War Purposes Stamp - Chhatarpur

Well! It's long time again. In fact, the blog has become weekly affair. So, no more long time statements from next blog onwards. Allow me one last time today :-)

For last couple of blogs, I was trying to display variety of items like stamps, Cinderella, labels, postcard, leaflets and other postal stationery. The aim was to start series on each of such items. I guess, I have sort of achieved that.

So, today we continue on our war stamp series. Today's item is focused on another princely state of India: Chhatarpur, who had issued some war purposes revenue stamps to help British in war.

Chhatarpur is now a district in Madhya Pradesh state of Modern India. Before independence, Chhatarpur was 11 gun salute princely state, also known as central India (Bundelkhand) agency.

Well! Chhatarpur is definitely a spot on every tourist's map because of its historical background as well as closeness to world famous Khajuraho Temples. Oh ya ! I don't want to get into Khajuraho Temples. This is not the right forum to write about those magnificent artifacts ;)

Let's keep our focus on Chhatarpur. So, during world war II, the government of Chhatarpur who was under British patronage, issued series of war purposes stamps.

In fact, these were existing 1 Anna value of Type 5 & 6 court fee stamps (as they are called) which were overprinted with "War Purposes Stamp". There are several different overprints, each made by machine or hand stamp in red or black color. The above stamp for example is called of variety (I) where overprints were made in red color in serif caps letter of size 51 x 3.5 mm. The stamp itself is of green color.

Above stamp is of variety (II) which is sub-type of variety (I) but measuring 67 mm long also in blue color with red overprint.

This one is of variety (III) which was as sub-types (I) and (II), but measuring 47 mm long on blue color stamp with black overprint. While below one is of variety (IV) in sans-serif italic caps letter measuring 60 x 3 mm on blue stamp with red overprint.

And last one that I have is of same variety (IV) in sans-serif italic caps letter measuring 60 x 3 mm but with error: "PUPPOSES".

It is again in blue color but with red overprints. Of course all the stamps carried serial numbers which was originally part of Type 5 & 6 court fee stamps.

Last one is slightly rare because of error in prints. Also as usual, all the stamps were punched which was very common treatment with these revenue stamps in India :( I just hope people that time would have devised some better way to treat stamps. Anyway, there exists other variety also like (V) which is missing in my collection :-)

Hope, some day it will appear out of blue and increase value of my collection ;)

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