Sunday, June 10, 2012

Indian Military Air Letter Card (MALC) - WWII

This is continuation of my old post Taj Mahal Military Air Letter Card. I had shown the airletter which was printed in S.S.P. Ltd. or Sree Saraswaty Press at Calcutta, India. The variety was known with coding S.S.P. Ltd. - G1623 - 15-9-44 - 3 lacs. Shown below is mint example of that type.

Today, I will be showing one more variety of same type.

Shown above is front side of what is called ICG 44, Sub-Type 1. Coded THE CALCUTTA PHOTOTYPE COMPANY as per catalogue "Indian Military Air Letter Cards 1942-47" by late O.R.J. Lee. The one I have is mint sample.

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