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Mengani (Mengni) State Cash Coupon - WW2 India

Today's post is on another princely state cash coupon issued during WWII. Mengani (Mengni) was an estate or taluk, formerly part of Western India States (Western Kathiawar) Agency which later merged in Saurashtra and now part of modern state of Gujarat in India.

I tried digging on it but couldn't make out how many gun salutation state was granted or when did it accede to India . There is very less information available on this princely state forget about trying to find out state's contribution on WWI and WWII.

Above one is the only cash coupon issued by Mengni State/Taluk with denomination of 1 paisa. It has been recorded as number 24.1 in Indian Paper Money Catalogue by Kishore Jhunjhunwalla. It carries a rectangular floral block pattern around a cow in center. This was issued in blue color.

It has text printed in Gujarati and English both. It states "Mengni Taluk Revenue Stamp" in Gujarati while "Mengni Taluka" in English.

Mengni state printed some revenue stamp of same design on wove paper with size of 43x28 mm between 1930-40. It is said that Mengni state printed same pattern on white cardboard (Cash Coupon) in 1942 to use during a coin shortage period (WWII).

Some princely states were permitted by British Government to issue card coupons; they would appropriately be considered as coins or paper money. But it is doubtful if very small state like Mengni would have been permitted to issue the one Paisa revenue stamps on thick card, which apart from their revenue use could also circulate within the small state as coins thus serving dual purpose.

Nevertheless, the dual purpose of these cards has been noticed in the illustration of the document with these stamps tied to the document with thick thread and and stamped " CANCELLED" by a rubber stamp. Besides, some people have seen bundles of well used cards neatly and meticulously tied into lots of 16, and these lots into groups of 4 to make a rupee's worth. (Note that 1 paisa was 1/64 rupee.) It is said that these cards were circulated as coins in the area of Mengni state from about 1942 until 1947.


Safi said...

Great informative read on the uncommon Mengni Taluka cash coupon, also a very classic one this, beautiful design!

Great work there Hmmm, glad we have a chronicle/encyclopaedia going here on this much ignored and forgotten field of collecting and studying... Thanks a ton! Keep it going!

Regards, Tahir.

Hmmm!!! Let's see..... said...

Hi Tahir,

Thanks a lot for your encouragement. I think I need to do proper study though so I can give more information about these stamps and history of these states. I hope we see Project Gutenberg kind of project in India also where all the docs of National Archives are put on internet domain for people to access and research it.

Su_myth said...

Hello Sir,
I have been following your blogs for quite a few days, amazing articles.
This article was of further interest as i have this same piece of coupon.
Thanks a lot for all the articles.
Sumeet Kumar Parui.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the valuable information. I have 4 of them with me since very long time, but did not had a clue about them.
All have some kind of initials on them. Do you know the value of these cash coupons?
Thanks again.

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