Sunday, July 11, 2010

Indian Military Air Letter Card - WW2

Today's post is another example of Indian Military Air Letter Cards. This particular example is labeled as ICG (Christmas Greetings Issues) 45, Sub-type 10. This was issued by the R.A.F. Postal Services and Welfare.

The front side as shown above carries a design of an Indian Father Christmas driving a sledge pulled by two Indian Cebu (a type of reindeer). The top heading is DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS in white color on blue background. It also shows BY AIR MAIL tablet.

Over the Cebu is a blank address space. On the back appears in blue print:-



This is followed by instructions on availability to U.K., Eire, B.L.A., U.S.A. and all British Empire countries and forces. At the bottom left is printed UNIT CENSOR/STAMP. The forms were printed in bright colors of dark blue, light greenish blue, red and brown.

The interior has a blue border on the left, top and right which is 19mm wide. There are differences in the shading of the scroll which carries SEASON'S GREETINGS. There exists four different varieties of such example.

I have mint sample as shown above but if someone has used sample in good condition and wiling to offer then please contact me.

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