Saturday, April 7, 2012

WW2 India Airgraph - Taj Mahal Illustration

For last couple of months, I have been reluctantly trying to build collection on WW2 India related Airgraphs. One of the reason has been high cost of these materials and not having proper catalogue to compare and find out how many such varieties are in existence. Every time, I see such Airgraph not in my collection, I am inclined to buy them but at last moment I have withdrawn because of high cost. So far, I have tried to buy only those which I think design wise are really gem and worth to be in my collection. Most likely, prices of these varieties will keep on going northwards only.

I am presenting two such Airgraphs today from my collection which have Taj Mahal as theme. Shown below is first such variety, sent by A Roper of 7th Battalion, Worcester Regiment, India Command in 1943 to Mrs. D. Adams, London. The Airgraph has censor DHC6.

The Airgraph has message in English:

My thoughts of you are fondest and this Xmas wish sincere is made of all the happiness that I wish you through the year.

- From your loving brother.

The Airgraph has printed design of multiple Taj Mahal starting from left side and moving towards right side. As it moves from left to right the size decreases. It then also has on right hand side a vertical black block on which two roses are depicted with text:

1943 - 1944

Greetings FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A Victorious New Year

Shown above is another variety sent by Major J Roberts of GHQ (I) SIGNALS, India Command to J. A. R. Dryden, Edinburgh, Scotland in 1944.

It shows a soldier on left hand side smiling with India and Taj Mahal in center. The print also has on the left hand side temples/mosques and church on right hand side with a ship sailing from left side to right side. Basically, it conveys wishes and letters moving from India to England (home).

It has a message:

"Christmas Greetings to all at Home"

which sums up all the illustration.

I was automatically drawn towards both the illustration and ended by buying them at high price :-) I guess, I will continue to do so as long as I see good illustration on Airgraph. See this for example (this is in my wish list for long time). Though, I don't think I can ever build an impressive collection as Alan Berman did.

As a reference you can see original form of 2nd Airgraph shown above here.

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